Wednesday, 31 December 2014

31st December 2014

This is my first blog, and has been a long time coming as I have gradually started to build up RSA Photography to where it is now.  The last year has seen me (and my family) having to learn and overcome many different aspects of running a photography business, and the pressures involved.  It has been hard, sometimes frustrating, educating but most importantly enjoyable being able to travel and meet passionate owners and some absolutely amazing dogs on the way.

I have to thank my wife and daughter for putting up with the editing time, lost weekends and the laundry. A very big thank you to Kevin Wylie (KSG Photography) and Jay Tighe (Field of Dreams Photography) for giving me the inspiration and guidance to follow through with everything.  Your input has been greatly valued and appreciated.

People ask me how I got into dog photography.  It was purely by chance that I needed to practice panning shots for motorbikes, and having 4 dogs in the house, I realised that I have the perfect training aid.  Now, having 2 Cocker Spaniels,  a Rottweiler and a Labrador, all bring a certain amount of chaos and randomness, but I found that as I practised more, their characters came out even further and I was able to capture images that you generally miss when just watching them.  At this point I decided that dogs are the way ahead!

Alot more practice ensued, which continues to include friends dogs being roped in on any given opportunity, in order to keep the skill set at the right standard, and also to try out new techniques.  The ability to call on a wide variety of breeds with very diverse backgrounds has proved to be  a challenge sometimes, but by just meeting these dogs, I have learned that there is an amazingly widespread misconception about a large amount of breeds that I feel is my place to address by capturing what they are really like and not what the general media has decided they are like.  Too many times this year, peoples misconceptions have been changed due to them actually being able to associate with so called devil dogs, only to find that they have been totally mislead.


During the year I was introduced to the Guild of Professional Photographers.  This really opened my eyes to what a professional standard is, and how much work I needed to put in to ensure a consistently high standard throughout all the work that I produce.  The help I have recieved in all aspects,cannot be explained in a few words, but it has been a massive asset for me.

Sprocket (EBT) - totally deaf but this hasn't removed her zest for life.

Zara - She has had a very troubled journey, but is now coming into her own with her new owner taking up the mantle of bringing out the best in her.

Albie and Lulu in the Stay.

Airborne Rottweiler - Lulu. 

This cheeky chappy is Quincy,he really thinks he is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

For those of you that I have been lucky enough to have as clients, I thank you for being given the  opportunity to show your companions as the amazing animals that they truly are, and being able to overthrow the misconceptions.  To all my friends who have supported me through this, be ready for more episodes of random chaos and mud as the new year beckons.

I wish you all a very happy new year and look forward to seeing you all next year.