Sunday, 5 April 2015

April 2015

Well,it is now April, so theoretically we are in Spring.  The clocks have gone forward, I have lost an hours sleep, but gained an extra couple of hours shooting time. The last month has seen another random selection of canines crossing my path, and a number of willing volunteers for outdoor shoots.

I think the most memorable was meeting up with Spud.  This gentle giant is 7 years old and is so relaxed. He really is graceful in his movement and takes everyone and everything in his stride. Very much a gentle giant.  He has had such an impact that when the time is right, a Leonberger will be joining the household.

As well Spud, we have also had the privilege of meeting both ends of the age spectrum with Nelson and Amara.  Two Great Danes who are full of character and charm.  Nelson and his enthusiasm, always leading the way, with Amara taking a more restrained approach, along with their venerable sidekick Abbey the mini Dachshund.

Not to miss out on the working dogs, along came a Springer, still young but learning the ways of the world.

We have also had the opportunity to reunite Cooper with his former carers who worked so hard to look after him when times were hard. This was a chance for them to meet him before he went off to his new forever home. Thanks to Chrissy, Stu and Lorraine (Rottweiler Rescue Trust) for looking after him and giving him a future life full of happiness.  

Last month saw 3 entries into the Guild of Photographers Image of the month competition.  Only submitting 3 was a bit daunting, but to achieve Bronze in all 3 was a nice surprise, and is always giving more ideas of how to push harder.  The level of  competition is fierce and it is a national competition of pro photographers, just to make it harder.  Now the hard work comes with working to Qualified status.

To top the last 4 weeks off today we ran the second of our Berkshire, Hampshire and Surrey Dachshund owners group photography classes with these 4 willing volunteers.  Absolute pandemonium and mayhem ensued with some very charachterful and amusing Daxies.  A good learning session on a reasonably pleasant day.

Thanks once again for all those that give us the opportunity to capture these amazing dogs and letting us bring their character out for everyone to see.


Sunday, 8 March 2015

March 2015

Well, the last month has had quite a variety since my last post taking me down a few routes that I hadn't previously considered.  The vast majority of my time has been taken up with the Berkshire, Hampshire and Surrey Dachshunds group covering a wide variety of Dachshunds.  This has been a very entertaining learning curve on a breed that I had very limited knowledge of.  They have all proved to be absolute fun to shoot,and each of them have very distinctive characters.

Along with the Dachshunds, another visit to Croft Farm to shoot their latest pack member willow. She is going to be an absolutely amazing Border Collie when she grows up. Agility dog, helper and companion all rolled into one showing the true intelligence and adaptability that they are renown for.

Something new that I have brought in is helping members of the Dachshund group to get out with their own cameras and have a go at capturing the moments that they talk about but at ground level where all the action is.  Miniature dogs require getting down to their level unless you have a convenient trench system nearby.  For alot of the Daxies it's also a new experience for them being able to be at eye level with their owners.

The latest divergence for myself was attending the Feathers and Fur Falconry Centre in Twyford to try my hand at Avian photography.  This is a totally alien world, but I see it as a great training aid and also getting a chance to see some absolutely amazing birds of prey.  The chance to work in small groups with these birds at such close distances is very well worth the time and effort of getting there, and I would suggest that no matter what your photography skills are, they are more than capable of providing you with a package to suit at a very good price.

As we move into April and the days are getting longer, I aim to try and get out and see how many more breeds I can shoot, with a Leonberger being at the top of the list.  As well as the normal work I am also working towards my submission to the Guild of Photographers as Qualified in a professional level.  A very high professional standard to be achieved in all aspects, so a few late nights to look forward too :)

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

10 February 2015

10 February 2015

Now that the new year has passed, and all the chaos has run it's course it's back to doing what I love.  January has seen quite a fair few opportunities appearing in the horizon,but I had the opportunity to shoot 2 Rottweiler pups from the same litter with their owners.  This was a good opportunity for them to stretch their legs in an open environment and also incorporate a spot of socialising as well.

For a bit of fun Albie accompanied us for a bit of a leg stretch and to allow Rocky some interaction.

Also joining the group was Rocky's partner Breeze.  Avery confident but gentle natured female who is happy to to keep an eye on the boys and make sure they stayed in line.

Rocky enjoying the experience of new sights and smells with the occasional puddle.

The second member of the litter was smaller in stature but definitely big in character.  Ace was accompanied by a brilliant Labrador pup called Simba.  Together they are partners in crime in just about every way you could think, but it goes to show how adaptable and sociable the Rottweiler is along with an eagerness to learn.

These two remind me alot of our Rottweiler and Labrador, little Ace may be smaller, but he can surely stand his ground.

These two decided that being nice and clean wasn't really an option, and had managed to get covered in all sorts within the first 40 meters!

Towards the end of January, a very welcome return to posing infront of the lens was made by the ever popular Quincy.  Having known him for over 6 months and having the opportunity to see his target fixation with any shape or size of ball, he never fails to raise a smile.  Quincy lives with two Staffordshire Bull Terriers, and they seem to have rubbed off on him, as he regards himself as one of them.

There are more photos that I would love to show, but that is why I have a website ;)  Thanks to all that have taken part and also allowed mean opportunity to help showcase your dogs in a different light and emphasise their truly unique characters.