Sunday, 8 March 2015

March 2015

Well, the last month has had quite a variety since my last post taking me down a few routes that I hadn't previously considered.  The vast majority of my time has been taken up with the Berkshire, Hampshire and Surrey Dachshunds group covering a wide variety of Dachshunds.  This has been a very entertaining learning curve on a breed that I had very limited knowledge of.  They have all proved to be absolute fun to shoot,and each of them have very distinctive characters.

Along with the Dachshunds, another visit to Croft Farm to shoot their latest pack member willow. She is going to be an absolutely amazing Border Collie when she grows up. Agility dog, helper and companion all rolled into one showing the true intelligence and adaptability that they are renown for.

Something new that I have brought in is helping members of the Dachshund group to get out with their own cameras and have a go at capturing the moments that they talk about but at ground level where all the action is.  Miniature dogs require getting down to their level unless you have a convenient trench system nearby.  For alot of the Daxies it's also a new experience for them being able to be at eye level with their owners.

The latest divergence for myself was attending the Feathers and Fur Falconry Centre in Twyford to try my hand at Avian photography.  This is a totally alien world, but I see it as a great training aid and also getting a chance to see some absolutely amazing birds of prey.  The chance to work in small groups with these birds at such close distances is very well worth the time and effort of getting there, and I would suggest that no matter what your photography skills are, they are more than capable of providing you with a package to suit at a very good price.

As we move into April and the days are getting longer, I aim to try and get out and see how many more breeds I can shoot, with a Leonberger being at the top of the list.  As well as the normal work I am also working towards my submission to the Guild of Photographers as Qualified in a professional level.  A very high professional standard to be achieved in all aspects, so a few late nights to look forward too :)

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